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Get to know Michelle


Michelle Butman Collins is a United States-trained clinician independently licensed to practice clinical social work in the state of Massachusetts and via telehealth in the state of Vermont. She has a passion for supporting individuals and families to pursue the immigration pathways available to them in the United States. She has completed dozens of effective mental health assessments for families seeking immigration-related relief. She has developed a reputation with lawyers for thorough evaluations, high quality expert testimony and she receives regular feedback from clients that her kindness and humor help make the process as easy as possible.​

Michelle obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Studies in Neuroscience from Boston University and completed her Master's in Social Work with a concentration in Health & Mental Health at the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. She was trained in the medical and psychiatric evaluation of asylum seekers by the Massachusetts General Hospital Asylum Clinic and Physicians for Human Rights and she has completed additional training through the Immigration Evaluation Training Center.

Michelle has over fifteen years of professional experience as a clinical social worker working in community mental health centers, municipal youth service organizations, hospitals and counseling centers. She has extensive experience working with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds and with those who have experienced trauma. In addition to evaluations for immigration proceedings, she works in a group practice on the north shore in Massachusetts and does pro bono evaluations through the Massachusetts General Hospital Asylum Clinic and Physicians for Human Rights.

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